I should like to salute my friend Robyn for her brave walk in cold rain Saturday.


I should like to begin this very moment a new venture in the creation of a place for like minds to gather and think over the human events that bring us joy and sorrow and make us ask the deep questions of living and meaning. Here I should present in plain and simple English what I find to be interesting or funny or serious or important for others to think about also.

Once I stood before a class of young minds and said how many days do you believe the average life shall have? We did not then have instant food or instant answers or clouds of computing knowledge so they gave me the Bible answer of “seventy” years.

“How many days is that then?” I inquired of my young teenage history scholars.

And we decided it was around 21,000 days. They were sixteen years and I was many more than sixteen. I think I only had about 4,000 days to go and they had about 18,000. This got everyone’s attention for at least a few serious minutes.

Bukowski the plebian poet said “the days run away like horses over the hills” I said to my class. And they have.

But I have Frost to guide me and miles to go before all the horses have run all the way out of view. Return when you may to the stories of life past and present from one who taught the meaning of life between the lines of the dead knowledge of the American high school.

I have tales to tell of the Rx Ranger, of “Paw Gee” and my grandson caught between two worlds-one the world of words and the other the kingdom of number-one his grandfather-the other his able genius computer code creator father.

As my anonymous friend at the bookstore said, “Let the adventure begin”…with the first day in my Kindle Kingdom…

youtube has such good links..today i taught myself how to play stephen still song, four and twenty…you can learn it all .. type in how to tune guitar at google then go through the videos that work for you… snow is all around us…keep on keepin on

hi guys… i am sad to report i had to leave work today and will not return to walmart until next tuesday. I seem to have a fever and am not able to concentrate…i have a tooth which must be repaired monday morning. so im not going to try to visit for saturday as i had hoped to do…

here are my plans for the future of our work…i want to complete the major chords…minor chords. and barre chords. and then regan will be on his own i believe…it will just be a matter of practice…

my nerves tend to fold up on me and i get too antsy about things in general. My father was also this way.
I have a difficult time finding a path from a to b and tend to meander along…so maybe if we can make this decision right now I will be able to achieve the goal I have set for myself.

I want to teach at least what brother geno taught me…and then i did the rest basically with nothing but the guitar and the radio…it is worlds easier now with the web and the teachers i have already posted and the multitude of others who are there, and they are freely sharing the info…

remember to look at the taylor guitar website for good video and lesson ideas for self teaching…

lindas phone is 273-9091

there was a song when i was young by the son of comedian jerry lewis entitle sure gonna miss her when she’s gone…everytime i think of my friend Holly Southern i hear that song playing in the background.

I highly recommend the support of psychology today…Loads and loads of material for improving your state of mind or at least understanding the social psychology and intentions of others…right…give it a go…

I rise early in the morning to prepare for gym, to work the facebook, to visit heidi’s miss uso page…LIFE is the best…perhaps the grandson will come to see grandpa gee today…fh000011

the race is on between twit and facebook..tallytwitter ho

hey kids if you are on that twitter thing clue me in as to how to follow you…so far i am following one person…but thts better than yesterday when iwas following myself…lesson-for-today

all my facebook pals and i are praying for the man who puts it all together for Jimmy Wayne…check my facebook pages for the videos….keep on keepin on bro

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